Update from
Potluck Café Society

Hope this finds you and your loved ones healthy and safe!

Although we have been through a rocky road over the past year - much like everyone, we have a number of achievements in 2020 that we feel proud to reflect upon.

On the community front, Potluck was tasked with coordinating the City of Vancouver’s efforts to ensure shelter in place by providing meals to SRO residents and on peak, in partnership with other facilities, we were providing 1100 meals a day. Realizing the limitation of funds for the homeless community, Potluck raised $250,000 and once again in partnership, served 1100 meals to the homeless community through volunteers and peer workers.

In the latter part of the year, we were assigned contracts by BC Housing and are still providing meals, though for a much lesser volume. In all, we estimate 190,000 meals for the most vulnerable have been delivered through Potluck’s stewardship.

A significant amount of time and effort was committed to the design development of our new facility and raising funds to support the build. With incredible support from local, Federal and Provincial government, and community partners like you, we have been very successful in raising approx. $1.15 Million for our project that is estimated to cost $1.8 million. We are tremendously indebted to the generosity, concern and confidence we have enjoyed through these contributions.

In January we applied for our building permit and have been through the grinder with delays at the City. While we wait for our permit, we have just today made our first payment of $190,000 to secure pricing and ensure deliveries are not impacted by a increasing demand for construction materials and equipment.

Recognizing we will need to secure some level of financing for the project, our aim is to keep this as low as possible, to ensure that when we emerge from this calamity our revenues are directed at community needs versus debt servicing.

Naved Noorani
Executive Director
Potluck Cafe Society


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