May 2021

Changes are afoot!

It’s a good thing we’ve all grown so adept at managing change through the pandemic, because our team is about to undergo a huge one: Wendy Lloyd will be retiring from JSK Partners on June 30, after almost 17 years with us! Our team is like a family, and while we are so happy for Wendy to be able to enjoy retirement with her husband, children and grandchildren, we feel deeply the impending loss of day-to-day access to our friend. If you would like to say goodbye to Wendy, she can be reached via email at
Joining our team on June 1 is Maryam Fejvai! We are delighted to welcome Maryam after she remotely covered a maternity leave for another team in our office during the pandemic — that’s no easy feat! With her bright smile and openness, she quickly fit into our office culture through our weekly Zoom Coffee Breaks in the early days, and later, as some of us were able to attend the office. She has a Bachelors in Political Science and a Masters in Arts from the University of Victoria and worked in HR for many years before deciding to make the transition to our industry. In her spare time, Maryam enjoys hiking and biking in the summer and snowboarding in the winter. She also loves baking and finding new recipes to experiment with in the kitchen. 
If Wendy was your go to on our team, no worries — her emails will be re-routed to Brenda who will bridge the transition, or you can always contact any of us directly:

Tyler Steele 
Neil Kumar    
Eddie Gudewill    
Jessica Dewey  
Brenda Geib  
Maryam Fejvai

Update from Potluck Café Society

Although we have been through a rocky road over the past year — much like everyone, we have a number of achievements in 2020 that we feel proud to reflect upon.

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Shareholder remuneration —
salary or dividends?

This article discusses both the personal and corporate tax implications as well as other considerations for the employee shareholder in determining their best course of action when it comes to remuneration–salary or dividends, or a combination of both?

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Market Ethos — Imagine

Imagine there’s rising yields, it’s easy if you try. What would happen if longer bond yields rose to 4 or +5%? What would it do to your home value, your portfolio value?  While not our base case scenario, this risk is higher now than it used to be. And given many portfolios are stocked with strategies that rode the benefits of declining yields over the past 40 years, this makes the risk even greater. If the trend in yields has truly changed, investors will have to become more creative in their portfolio construction, even use some imagination. 

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