April 2021

Planning for incapacity

At some point in your life, you may lose the ability to fully care for yourself. This loss may result from an accident, an illness or from some other cause. It may last for a short period of time or it may be permanent.

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TED Talk —
Give yourself permission to be creative

On a lighter note, Ethan Hawke speaks about the importance of creativity. Quite inspiring!

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Staring down the unwinding road —
QV Investors

Major central banks were quick in their policy responses at the onset of the pandemic, launching almost every quantitative easing (QE) tool they had to instill market confidence and stave off deflationary forces. Fast forward to today and we are seeing a 180 degree change in mentality as the focus shifts to unwinding these accommodative monetary policy programs.

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Corporate bond newsletter — Canso

Governments across the globe are desperate to return life to normal as quickly as possible from the rolling waves of the COVID-19 pandemic. Countries like China have managed to do this with severe public health measures without regard to politics. New Zealand and belatedly Australia have managed the political resolve to do this in a democracy.

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