March 2019

MyRichardsonGMP App for iPhone or Android

Our website has been optimized for smart phones but we do get asked now and then “When will you have an app?” Turns out, developing and maintaining an app is unnecessary these days when you use a little trick that gives similar functionality to users: adding to Home Screen.

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Dr. Pippa Malmgren: Donald Trump never expected to win. He ran for President to pursue an ulterior motive.

This is an excellent podcast featuring Dr. Pippa Malmgren. She discusses Trump, China & the trade war, North Korea, trends in populism and technology. Always an excellent listen.

Fast forward to the 18 minute mark to get to her segment.

You can also read the transcript here

Moderating Faster

When the economic data started to slow in a few select markets more than a year back, few gave it much attention. Trouble in emerging economies such as Turkey, Brazil and Argentina were chalked up to them being either too financially fragile, sensitive to higher global yields or single country issues. Plus, there was so much positive economic momentum from developed markets that few were worried.

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2018 Taxes

Hurry up and wait! It’s that time of year again…

We understand that many of our clients like to get their taxes done early and avoid that end of April chaos. We know that your accountants would like that too. However, CRA doesn’t make that possible for many of us. Why? Because the information needed to produce some tax slips isn't available until as late as March 31st. Remember, companies and funds must complete year end audits before they can provide the information to us and to you.
The majority of Richardson GMP tax slips will be mailed to clients late February/early March. However, the deadline for T3 (Statement of Trust Income) and T5013 (Statement of Partnership Income) mailings is not until March 31. Also, if you had any sells, maturities or redemptions in your non-registered accounts, the Trading Disposition Summaries are not mailed until early April. This is to make sure that the summaries accurately capture any Return of Capital transactions.
So set your expectations accordingly, and when you get your Tax Slip Checklist from us, make sure you and your accountant wait for all the slips before filing your return. As always, feel free to contact us with any questions.

Stock Market Returns Over Different Time Periods (1872–2018)

Putting hard-earned money in the stock market can make some people nervous. It’s well known that a correction can occur at any time, and the fear of market crashes can make even the most seasoned investors to make questionable decisions.

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History of Daylight Saving Time (DST)

Daylight Savings Time (DST) is used to save energy and make better use of daylight. It was first used in 1908 in Thunder Bay, Canada.

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